Curly is now adopted.

He is a draft baby - he is less than a year old. Because his hair was so matted, we had to shave him to clean him up.

Here are some updated pictures of Curly (July 2007)   


Pictures of Curly (now called Dobbin) and his new Mom - and the note from her.....

"I have renamed him Dobbin and he is doing fine.  He eats like a horse (ha ha), he eats a lot and will eat just about anything.  I have him on weanling food, oats and hay with a supplemental vitamins.  He is a really nice horse and I am very pleased to have him in my family.  The Farrier is coming Dec 7 to check his feet out and will trim them if needed.   I will keep you updated on him."

June, 2008 - growing into a beautiful boy!



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