Felony came to Horse Feathers with his Mama in late July of 2007, as the result of a felony cruelty case. Weak, undersized, and extremely malnourished, due to Mama not being fed enough to make milk for him, his fate was uncertain. He is now thriving, and even though he is not a large horse, he is much loved, and learning how to be a good partner for some lucky human someday.... Felony has been worked with on ground manners, desensitizing, and standing to be worked on. He has carried a saddle, and been ridden with no issues. An experienced rider would be able to complete his training with no problems. He will be sent to the trainer soon, and his adoption fee will increase after formal training. 

His current adoption fee is $ 500

December 2012 - Remembers everything, and rides right off!


May 2012 - Photos courtesy of Faithful Friends Photography


Under saddle June 1-6 2012 - Look at the progress!



June, 2010


On arrival in 2007


July, 2008 - working with his Horse Feathers Kids partner, learning to trust

October, 2008 - growing into a beautiful boy!


March, 2009 - playing in the pasture with a buddy


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