Once in a lifetime, someone special enters your life - someone who allows you the freedom to be yourself, while whole-heartedly supporting the work that you do. For the critters at Horse Feathers, it's our Paw Paw. He's always there to comfort and love us, sits up all night with us when we're sick, and we sure do appreciate him. This page is dedicated to his love, and support. We love you, Paw Paw!

Just a few of the times he's been caught loving babies, tending a sick horse, or just hangin out! 




 He always makes sure that we have food to eat - whether it's trudging through the snow to feed us, or learning to drive the neighbor's tractor so that he can bring hay out to the pasture - he helps take good care of us.



And it's not just the horses here that love our Paw Paw!!!