ted farnsworth moviepass

Ted Farnsworth is a big name in the movie industry. Ted Farnsworth is also an entrepreneur, financial and consummate disrupter. Being a movie producer, he has directed some of the most amazing movies and has been known in this film business industry. In 2018 he became the primary owner of Emmett Furla Oasis Films. Being ab expert in strategic development, marketing, public relation, and consumer behaviour, Ted Farnsworth has taken advantage of these skills at the fullest by building many companies which received favourable outcomes thought out his thirty-five-year of career. His proficiency has opened doors for several speaking engagements, articles in various magazine issues, several TV shows, and radio telecast. He is the co-founder of Zash Global Media and Entertainment and a former chairman of ted farnsworth moviepass. 

What is a movie pass?

In 2017, Ted Farnsworth’s company Helios and Matheson Analytics obtained a fresh subscription service called MoviePass. The monthly fee was $50, which Ted lowered to $9.95 to draw in more customers by allowing them to watch one movie daily. In no time, MoviePass became one of the fastest expanding subscription services within history. Within the first three months of his new creation, MoviePass gained one million subscriptions which were unbelievable.


Subscription plans on MoviePass 

The ted farnsworth moviepass offered a subscription of one movie per day at $9.95. In 2019, the company offered two subscription plans:

  • $9.95 per month for the original MoviePass Unlimited, which later went up to $14.95.
  • $7.95, which offers three movies a month and three months of iHeartRadio access.

How to make an account on MoviePass

  • Sign up online.
  • The firm will send you a physical plastic debit card within 1-3 weeks in the mail.
  • Download the MoviePass app from App Store and login into it.
  • Activate your MoviePass card by clicking on the red banner on the top of the app.
  • Follow the guidelines and enter the number of MoviePass debit cards. If you want an alternative option, you can also click the photo of the card to activate it.
  • Now you’re all set to search for the movies. To use the pass, search for the movies being played at your nearest theatre. The theatres will allow you to book a ticket on the MoviePass app.

The amount they charge on MoviePass is pretty high compared to other subscription services. Although you can’t book the seats in theatres in advance through a movie pass, if you don’t bother about which movie to see, then a movie pass is a good option for you.