Coin Collecting

Coins are used to express a form of monetization. You use this on a daily basis to pay for your bus fare or to buy random paraphernalia. This is one thing that everyone has definitely seen in their life. But why are old coins so special?

These coins that have been discontinued are becoming more and more a rarity for people. A plain nickel that you got as a change can one day be worth over 100 times what it is. The only thing that you need to do is keep for a very long time. You might even have one at your collection right now. To find out what exactly is that old coin you have and its worth today, you can go ahead and try the coin scanner app.

Easy to Use

This simple tool is designed for those people that have an old coin that has been discontinued. You might find one from your grandparent’s old stuff or even from the street. These might seem small and simple, but they hold a great deal when maintained properly.

Coin Collecting

The coin scanner app utilizes this by scanning the image that you use to detect the exact value of the coin. This also provides a brief look into the historical background of the coin itself.

Quality Over Quantity

It is true that old and rare coins have a significant markup in terms of pricing. However, that is co-dependent on its overall quality. If the coin seems like it was badly scratched or warped, you can bet that the value would decrease significantly.

This might not be too big of an issue for those that have a coin that is well over 100 years old. But those more recent discontinued coins, the condition can play a great deal on its final sale value. Protect your coins well and you shall be rewarded.