trading of bitcoins

If you think that hODLing bitcoin would be a long-term investment then trading is a good way to earn bitcoin quickly. But BTC trading is quite volatile in nature and needs a good amount of knowledge and practice of the market. So before trying out trading you should do your homework nicely and make your own unique strategy or learn from the experts.

Trading is done using multiple styles, which we have listed below:

Day trading: this entails quick and short trades and allows opportunities for fast and small profits. These traders do not hold any positions that are open overnight, so the method consists of analyzing the market carefully, seeing opportunities that are small to make money, and capitalizes for a meager profit. At the end of the day session, the trader would have a cumulative gain.

Swing trading: day trading is a short term way to earn bitcoins, but swing trading is somewhat middle between hODLing and trading. Here swing traders would buy low and wait for some tie to see the increase in the price of the holdings and sell it for a higher price. But the holding time is not quite long like the HODLer.

bitcoin trading

Arbitrage: arbitrage of bitcoin is similar to the above-mentioned styles of bitcoin trading. But here money-making is not within one single exchange but by trading across multiple platforms. Opportunities for different platforms are explored. The BTC is purchased from A exchange and sold to B exchange for a high price.

You need a lot of practice to earn bitcoins using these methods. So do not think that you will get the profit on your first try. Do research, plan, and strategize before you choose your way. For more information and ways to earn bitcoins visit the website