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One can make French Fries in different sizes and shapes, and are best served with burgers, sandwiches, or can be eaten alone. They’re made from cutting potatoes either in sticks or wedges and deep fried in oil. Here is the list of different types of French Fries that are easy to make:

Butternut Squash Fries

Who doesn’t love this recipe for butternut squash fries made in any particular way – you can enjoy squash muffins, smoothie and dairy-free soups too– but there is something truly amazing about the butternut squash French fries that is enjoyed by everyone with a big smile!

Curly Fries

The key feature of Curly Fries is they have the spring-like shape and that makes them unique and different from other fries. They are made by cutting potatoes using the spiral slicer and also known as “Goldilocks Fries”.

​Tater Tots

Potato bites are the grated potatoes and given small cylinders shapes are deep-fried and served as the side dish.

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Chilli Cheese Fries

Fill your baking sheet with fries, add chilli, and sprinkle it with some cheddar cheese and place it under oven for two to three minutes, or until cheese is melted and enjoy your dish!

Standard French Fries

Standard fries are the classic choice and much better than later or new versions of the French fries available today. They are the most delicious choice, when you do not have time and right ingredients to make them.

Final Words

For more types of French fries options, check out some top blogs and find the recipes to make the delicious French fries at home.