Ryan Kavanaugh Video - Confrontation on The Crossover of The Decade

There are many video sharing applications available, using which you can increase your social media presence by sharing short videos. Triller is one of those applications that is an American based application and thrives amongst its users for sharing short videos. Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the co-owners of this application. It is said that Ryan Kavanaugh, after the failure of relativity media, made his comeback with the launch of this application. You will come to know more about Triller and Ryan Kavanaugh Video further below.

What Is Triller?

Initially, Triller had its functionality limited to only creating videos by selecting a song available in its library. It has become a social media platform wherein you can share your short-form videos with other users. You can follow others profiles and tag them as well in your posts. This lead to the collaboration of users in Triller in terms of sharing content. A few of the features present in this application are

  • Home page- As soon as you open Triller, you will be welcomed by the Triller home page. There are three tabs present on this page which are Music, Following and Social. Using Music and Social tabs, you can explore the video content of other users.
  • Discover- This option is available on the navigation bar and is denoted by a music note symbol. Using this feature, you can find songs related to different genres. You can then use your chosen music album in your video content. You can go through Ryan Kavanaugh Video to know more about Triller.
  • Search- This option is also available on the top of the navigation bar in this application. Using this feature, you can find recommended videos, featured videos, top videos, etc.
  • Upload- With the help of the plus symbol on the navigation bar, you can upload your pieces of creation. Either you can create a music video or a social video. There are also options to add filters, change the speed of the video, etc., after uploading your content on this application.


Thus, Ryan Kavanaugh was able to revive his standing after facing bankruptcy by launching the Triller application. He is also famous for promoting the Fight Club series using Triller. In his video, he discusses bringing up different fighters from across the world on Triller. With the inclusion of them, fight club events have been held before. Thus, many boxing events have been produced by Ryan Kavanaugh.