tailbone cushion

Tailbone Cushion is seat cushions that are used to help the pain that might be experienced for sitting on chairs too long.  These are helpful in multiple ways and are required in this day and age for multiple uses over a long period, as most of the work happens from office chairs and home offices.

When the body is in a sitting position, the coccyx is major support for the spine, the tailbone cushion takes the pressure off of the spine and from sitting all day in the same space and position. They can be used anywhere as they are easy to use and place.

Why are they needed?

Using a tailbone cushion helps with pain reliefas the pressure is taken off. It helps relieve the pressure from the lower back. Tailbone cushions come with memory foam, and this helps it to adapt to the shape and size of the individual to provide the utmost comfort while sitting for long hours. Since it is made from memory foam, it is also breathable and hypoallergenic in nature and is made for people of all types.

tailbone cushion

What is it exactly?

Tailbone support cushions are made of memory foam. Memory foam is what responds to the body heat and body weight of an individual and forms shape around it accordingly. It helps to relieve the pressure off the spine and back. The Best Seat Cushions are ergonomically designed and also recommended by some orthopaedics. It can also help with relief of:

  • Sciatica /Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Alleviate pain and pressure from Lower Back
  • Works as Lumbar support
  • Helps the Tailbone
  • Relieves pressure of the Coccyx
  • Helps the pressure on Hips
  • Spine pressure relief
  • Helps leg pain
  • It also helps backaches, sores, andhaemorrhoids
  • Post-surgery relief
  • Pregnancy pain relief

So, tailbone cushions are a new requirement that is necessary for the people who have to sit for long hours for their jobs and hobbies. It helps to alleviate the pressure and lessen the harm done to the spine and the back of an individual. Bad chairs and seating postures may lead to more future problems while aging. Ergonomic efficiency may lead to the use of tailbone cushions in the workplace, and they should be used at home as well for people with hobbies that require long sitting hours. These cushions are orthopedically recommended and work well for everyone from a young age to old age and no matter what the body type.