Elephant In A Box Convertible Sofa

Furniture is very important to consider for a newly built house or an office. Buying a piece of ideal furniture isn’t as easy as most people are thinking. Whether in your home or your office, since you need to look for the perfect furniture. That will meet your needs and fits well in your space. So for you to buy the right furniture, there are some important factors you need to consider. Such as:

  • Size of your office or home
  • The color of the furniture
  • Cost of the furniture
  • Furniture Durability
  • The comfort of the Furniture
  • Materials Used

Now, if you’re looking for all these furniture factors. The Kickstarter launched the Elephant In A Box Convertible Sofa.

What is an Elephant in a Box?

            The Elephant in a Box is the most comfortable foldable and strongest sofa available. That launches on Kickstarter, which is perfect for those who often move in and out. This high-end sofa can fold up into a carrier-sized box.  Which is different from other sofa designs in the market.   This incredible sofa is handy that can be transported easily by car or via UPS. The Elephant in a Box is the perfect sofa suitable for everyone. That can be assembled and disassembled by only one person. It is hustle-free since this can be assembled in few minutes. Even without any tools, hardware, or screws needed.

Elephant In A Box Foldable Sofa

Here are some of the Reasons why Elephant in a Box is the best:

  • High-quality Foam- this is a comfortable sofa that is ideal for people. Who loves to watch an eight-hour movie marathon. You won’t care about lying on your sofa with high-grade foam. It has a 6-inch depth into the sofa to make you feel comfortable.
  • Honeycomb Structure- is used and found in the aviation and aerospace industries. This is completely a new concept and idea. The honeycomb structure is expandable. After massive amounts of pressure are applied, it can recover the shape quickly. This material can carry a load 400 times its weight. It can hold out against more than 1500 lbs. The strong structure and flexibility also help in the setting up. It has awesome packaging so that it can protect from damage.
  • Carefully selected fabric- the Elephant in a Box is high-end furniture. Unique high-end materials that make the sofa pleasantly soft and durable. As well as it is easy to clean with removable polyester fabric which makes it easy to clean.
  • Different Color Options- Elephant in a Box has three color variations. Dark gray, Light gray, and dark blue.