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How to ensure that your bra fits you good?

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Shape and size of every individual women’s breast is different and a common size determined using cup size and band size would not be right for some.Getting a good fit is one of the essential things that every women will expect when wearing a bra. This is the reason why bra is mostly used to avoid odd looks. Buy Boob hold products which would be of great use for different purposes.

To avoid all these kind of issues after buying a bra, there are some tips that the buyers have to check when you are in the trail room itself. They are as follows,


  • When wearing a bra, make sure you hook it at the back itself or do it in the front and move it gently towards the back. You should definitely feel the fit once any of the hooks are put on. If nothing seems to give a good fit, then it is not a right bra for you. Adjustment available on the shoulder side can be adjusted then and there when needed.
  • To check if the cup size and band size are perfect, bend down to see if there occurs am8 spilling of your breasts over the top or to the sides. If there occurs any, then try to adjust the hooks to see if that gets corrected. But if it still doesn’t give a perfect fit, then it is not the right size. To avoid all these hooks, adjustment and all the other problems with bras, try to use Boob hold which can give you more options to lift your breasts to look attractive rather than the usual method alone. Buy more products available for covering up nipples and much more on the same site which is latex free and more safe.