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Reasons why the background checks are failed

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Hiring department struggle so much to find out the best person who is qualified for the open position in your organization. Once the person is hired everyone is happy that they have good resource. All the happiness ruins once the negative report of background result comes out. The background check is done on many factors like free criminal background check, employee documentation check etc. It becomes very difficult to take the decision to accept or reject the resource. It is not compulsory that you have to reject each applicant who has failed the background check. First know the reason why the applicant has failed the background check than keeping all the company polices in mind you can take the correct decision.

Prerequisites for criminal background check

Some of the reasons why applicant fails background check

  • Criminal history: The criminal failure can be dependent on many factors. It is very crucial to check the all the factors, the position they are getting hires for and all the rules and regulations of the industries before denying the applicant.
  • Education discrepancies: Some time when a person is struggling to find a job, mess up with their resume and later in the background check gets clear that there is discrepancies in the higher education provided by the applicant. In such case you can talk to the applicant about the discrepancy and get clarification.
  • Poor credit report: The credit review is not done in all the background check as many regions laws restrict to check this information. But if you git the report and you find that the person has taken high loan amount, any minor crime related to money than you need to think if that person would be applying for some financial or management roles.
  • Driving record: If you are hiring a person on the job related to driving than it becomes very critical to check the driving record. By checking the driving record that person will help you to avoid the consequences raised when an accident happens when the person is driving the company vehicle.
  • Wrong employment information: In most cases the company look for the experienced person so that they have some knowledge about the work which needs to be done and it is easy for them to understand the work. But in case you find that the person has provided false experience details than you have a genuine reason to reject the applicant.
  • Failed drug test: If through report you discover that the person has taken illegal substances than there is no second thought on rejecting as it can affect other employees.


Hope this information will help you to take the right decision either to reject or accept.